Posted by on February 21, 2020

It seems as though the start of the year has been a bit of a challenge for many of us. The memes that have swallowed the internet did make me giggle once or twice, because with all the terrible things we read up about everyday on the news, it is rather refreshing to add a touch of humour to some situations (even if slightly insensitive). 

The beginning of 2020 has been, well, eventful. I was bed bound for half of January, for health reasons I’ll open up about in a minute. This inevitably caused a bit of a struggle for my freelance endeavours – because as all you fellow small business owners will know, when no employer is paying you for your sick days, there really aren’t any sick days! 

So, back to those health reasons – January saw the flu get to the better of me, a crippling 15-day menstrual cycle, and then threw a spontaneous wisdom tooth removal in the mix. And just as the month was about to draw to a close, I found out the pain my left leg has harboured for the past ten years and has been routinely dismissed by specialists is seemingly a growing lump that could destroy my ability to walk if not operated on. You know, casual life updates!

It all sounds quite dramatic when put in writing but I can assure you that none of that truly worried me – aside from having to refrain from wearing heels… that’s actually a legitimate concern for a heel lover like myself! Things are otherwise fantastic and back to normality now. February has been a treat in every aspect – bar the little obstacles my career move brings about, but it all comes with the territory. 

I suppose this blog post is not much more than a diary entry. I’m a bit short on inspiring words today, although you’ll find bits of those scattered across my Instagram posts. I kind of just wanted to check in, provide a little update, and share some recent photos.

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