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Those who know me know that I am no beauty connoisseur. I also could never claim to be. I find the world of makeup and cosmetics slightly too complex for my understanding – I’m just one of those cliché girls who’ll pay so much attention to her attire but slap on a red lip and mascara and be out the door in five minutes. I reason similarly with my hair, too – the messier, the better. If I ever need a glamorous makeup look put together, or any kind of advice really, I’ll simply turn to my friend Jack and his expertise. 

But with that said, there are a few products I’ve discovered over the years that I’ve been completely loyal towards. It would take quite a lot for me to replace these select few, the ones I’d recommend in a heartbeat. One day, I’ll probably provide an insight into my wardrobe and the things that inspire my style – but let’s start small. Here are the 5 main beauty products I live by, in order of importance:

Diorshow Mascara in 090
Mascara is, without a doubt, the one product I could never live without. I’ll apply it on my way to the corner shop, when stumbling out of my boyfriend’s home on a lazy early afternoon, or for a quick catchup over coffee. It’s my quick fix, basically. I hate clumpy mascaras and anything that looks overdone – this one feels light, elegant, and extends my lashes miraculously. 

MAC Lipstick in Russian Red
A red lip is my signature. It leaves it’s mark, or my mark, wherever I go. On the glass of Pinot Noir I sipped on last evening, the accidental stain it has left on my crisp white shirt or that of another, and on the lips of someone endearing; it’s the part of me I leave elements of behind. There is also a certain allure to a red lip – it’s a classic. It accompanies my black, white or brown attire in the most elegant of ways. I’ve loved a red lip since I was a young child who dreamt up an idea of the perfect woman I’d one day want to be. All that and more is precisely why I won’t tamper with my red lipsticks. I’ve a few of them, and they’re all scattered in my handbags or across my dressing table, but the one I’ll never let go of is Russian Red, by MAC. It could last a full day on my lips and is quickly applied; the two things I look for in my lipsticks. I also enjoy using it to top up my second coating of Sephora’s liquid lipstick when I’m up for a more precise, drawn on lip. 

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2/Vanilla
My third most valuable product is my concealer. I’m a night owl – I’m not quite proud of it and I’m always working to get my hours in order, but I’ve yet to manage. And so I’ll need this one product more than anything else, more than women’s beloved foundation. This concealer is a quick fix for me, one I’ll slip into my bag and carry with me in case of emergencies. Anything could be the case – perhaps my red lipstick has smudged onto my chin and refused to wipe off at dinner. You never know.

Noir by Tom Ford
I feel slightly guilty for placing my beloved fragrance so low on the list. I also wouldn’t leave the house without it unless it’s being replaced by a perfume worn for particular occasions; but the above three products still seemed more pivotal in emergency situations! I adore this fragrance; it encapsulates me and my character. It’s always buried somewhere in my handbag. 

Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner in 001
I’ve applied a winged line to my eyes for as long as I can remember. Despite this obviously being a common style, I still would say it’s a part of my trademark too! For almost ten years, I’ve been wearing my one and only beloved eye look – the one look I think suits my eye shape best. I don’t use any unnecessarily costly product for this. Rimmel has been my go to all these years.

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