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Thursday, 3rd December, 2020

Dealing With A Tumour

I vaguely remember the first days of excruciating leg pain – I was about nine years of age, prancing around a ballet studio in a black leotard. I lost balance and stumbled, but quickly dismissed […]…
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Vintage in Paris

I’ve been thinking about you vintage enthusiasts – most people who follow my social platforms are probably interested in a wardrobe that is carefully curated and filled with old, classic pieces, because that is most […]…
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A Fortnight in Paris

I’ve just returned from two very eventful weeks in Paris – life could not be better right now. Paris has always served as a highly inspiring city to visit; each time upon my return, I […]…
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A New Chapter

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday, and so I decided to update the blog with a rather personal breakdown of recent lessons learnt that I know will aid me in the coming year. I think […]…
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Mediterranean Lifestyle

Despite living on an island surrounded by crystal clear waters, I haven’t truly enjoyed the beach in so long. The last few years of my life have seen me crave the city life and fly […]…
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Dating Stories

Dating stories and the life lessons that ensued…
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Authentic Self

What others think of you shouldn’t matter too much, but yet it does. It matters, the words echo in your mind like the voice of a distant friend or perhaps, nemesis. On some level, we […]…
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21st Century Love

Where do we find the healthy balance in relationships today, at a time when feminism has never been more of a pivotal, highly spoken about subject? …
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Life Lessons

I shared a casual business conversation with my father the other day, a man whose pep talks on self-employment have been very helpful to me lately, and he stared at me intently as he noted, […]…
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cup of coffee placed next to vintage postcards and book

Trying Times

These days have been tough for all of us, I’m sure - Covid-19 has changed the course of 2020. …
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