“I’ve always believed in the art of storytelling; giving your brand a purpose and allowing it to resonate with your audience. This is what led me to introduce my creative services to fresh, luxury brands and the passionate visionaries that founded them.

Having been raised in a family of self-employed musicians and painters, artistry is all I’ve ever known. I was fortunate enough to grow up listening to my father compose beautiful classical pieces on his pianos from the break of dawn till the ungodly hours of the night, and watching my grandfather paint as beautifully as he did, in a shabby little studio situated on the top floor of my grandparents’ townhouse – and like most creative souls, I explored various mediums of art, each of which has been incredibly formative to my career. 

At the tender age of six, I began filling my collection of journals with poetry that was sometimes published in our local newspapers. I would draw too, sketching out fashion illustrations whenever I could – some of which would come to life through my persistence to create clothing I could never find in Maltese stores. Many years later, my great appreciation for the fashion industry led me to qualify in Fashion Design and obtain a scholarship that allowed me to read for my degree at Paris’ top fashion school. I worked from the tiniest of apartments, nestled between my mannequin and easel with muslin stretched across the floor and a needle in hand – but following some work at Paris Fashion Week, I decided that my studies did not feel artistically stimulating enough yet had managed to deplete my bank account. I jumped on the next plane to Malta and began my freelance journey, all while working as a News Writer and eventually, Social Media Executive at Malta’s first luxury hotel.

In 2019, mere months before the pandemic hit our islands, I finally decided to combine my greatest passions and offer my services to brands who seek to build their image, their tone of voice, and their social presence. I aim to only work with businesses that I believe in; brands I would personally purchase from. Get in touch if you’re looking for some assistance with revamping your brand’s digital platforms!”

Natalya x