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I’ve long been enthralled by the selection of creative bars in Paris. There’s something for everyone; whether that is a quirky concept bar on the left bank or a cosy wine bar somewhere a little bit more upscale. 

Yet on previous trips, I would often spend my time seated at cafes and reading a book or two with a glass of red in hand. I didn’t frequently venture to busy bars because I was often travelling solo or catching up with friends over dinner – so I’d observe from afar, always captivated by the facades of bars that stood the test of time.

It was mostly over this past trip that I experienced some of the most intriguing venues, thanks to my dear boyfriend who loves to explore the best places to meet new people. I compiled a list of my favourites here!

Le 1905

This particular bar was one my dear friend Pragya picked out for my birthday celebrations. Located in Le Marais, one must walk up a dimly-lit staircase prior to entering this vintage-inspired gem. You will likely be drawn to the outdoor terrace that is surrounded by a flower wall, but the interiors matched my preferred style more. There’s a quirky mix of classic furniture, a striking bar lined with wooden stools, and a couple of leather sofas for additional comfort. The cocktails are certainly interesting – but not too extravagant, making them the perfect balance of easy to mindlessly drink and creative enough for a unique experience.


If you ever looked up a speakeasy in Paris, this was probably the first result that popped up. I had definitely heard the name a few times before, and finally decided to give it a go when Marcus and I received a last minute recommendation. You will first come across what seems to be the facade of an underwhelming Italian restaurant; we had heard that it would take us by surprise yet we were still strangely confused upon arrival. If it weren’t for some guidance, we probably would not have thought much of the refrigerator that would eventually lead us to the bar itself. As you walk through, you will instantly be blown away by the dark and mysterious interiors, golden-brown colour scheme and loud jazz music. There’s a real 1920’s vibe – it’s the kind of cosy place you’ll want to enjoy a drink or two to revel in the experience. 

Little Red Door

Another infamous bar, Little Red Door does indeed come with a little red door on its facade – but you sadly cannot walk through. Nonetheless, the bar itself is one that merits your appreciation. There’s a much more casual atmosphere than Moonshiner, the kind of place we popped into in the early evening for a relaxed drink. But the menu design is anything but relaxed – it’s incredibly intriguing and a bit perplexing; a true work of art. The cocktails themselves were unlike anything I had seen or tried before, and certainly worth the price. Again, I wouldn’t call this the place to be if you’re intending to spend the evening out, but I would definitely recommend popping in for a drink as the experience is incomparable. 


Marcus and I discovered a fun rooftop bar at the Hôtel des Grands Boulevards, where we chose to stay for our last weekend. This is the kind of place you will need to reserve in advance as it is small, exclusive, and will pack up almost instantly. Something about it reminded of me a relaxed garden party or a poolside event – it’s the ideal spot for a cold drink on a warm summer evening. 

Uma Nota

A creative bar/restaurant Marcus and I stumbled into, Uma Nota highlights Japanese and Brazilian cuisine. We did not get the chance to try the food, but we did enjoy some of the best cocktails that went down swimmingly after a shopping session in the middle of July. You get to sit on stairs and use beer crates as tables; it’s a very casual, but enjoyable, atmosphere.

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