Posted by on September 9, 2020

I’ve been thinking about you vintage enthusiasts – most people who follow my social platforms are probably interested in a wardrobe that is carefully curated and filled with old, classic pieces, because that is most of what I post. I believe taking a sustainable approach to fashion is the best thing you could do, but there’s also so much beauty in wearing an item that has been loved by someone before you. Yet I have not shared enough of my recommendations, if any at all. Malta is EXTREMELY limited in this regard, with every vintage store I once frequented having closed down for good, so I must carry out more research before I share my Maltese finds first. 

But Paris – oh, my darling Paris, there is so much to see and shop here. Before becoming acquainted with this city, I never quite understood the vintage craze. Vintage stores I had come across before only really sold hippy pieces – dungarees, ripped denim and floral embellishments – that screamed anything but sophistication; they were the juvenile pieces, not made for a woman. And then I found the classics, the pieces that dated back to my great, great-grandparents’ time; the collector’s items. And if you seek those, these are the stores you must frequent in Paris:

Kilo Shop

125 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006
The Kilo Shop is perhaps the most popular Parisian vintage store. There are a few scattered around the city, but the St. Germain option seems to boast the most classic pieces. I’ve purchased lace corsets from here, silky shirts, old-fashioned scarves, bags and hats – you name it. This isn’t the place you’ll want to drop by for designer items, but it’s a perfect place to purchase in bulk. Each item has a coloured tag on it that indicates the price per kg, and should then be weighed at the store to figure out the total price before purchasing. 

Thanx God I’m A VIP

12 Rue de Lancry, 75010
This gorgeous vintage store might be my favourite. You’ll find designer pieces in great condition here, all laid out beautifully and colour coded for you to revel in the experience. The shopkeepers are also incredibly kind and always willing to offer the best styling advice, even if your French is not up to par. Prices vary, but you’ll find beautiful Loubs and Dior heels for as low as €100, while a unique hat or designer bag would cost you anywhere from €50 – €80. And you’ll find an antique market just a stone’s throw away, filled to the brim with distinctive gold jewellery, vintage YSL and Burberry pieces, film cameras, and all other unique items. 

Come On Eileen

40 Rue de Rivoli, 75004
Come On Eileen is also a beloved vintage store, and perhaps the first you should visit when in Paris. Entirely full of designer items that range in price, this store is one you’ll have to rummage through quite well in order to find the most special pieces. The stairs are lined with vintage Chanel shoes and Loubutins priced at an average of €300, while classic Dior and YSL bags are piled up at every corner for an average of €100. If you’re not as obsessed with accessories as myself, worry not, the selection of branded clothing pieces is unending. 

Mad Vintage

66 Rue Saint-Denis, 75001
Mad Vintage boasts a variety of items; the affordable pieces you could shop from Kilo Shop, and the designer pieces you might find at Come On Eileen. That’s what makes it worth visiting – it’ll satisfy your vintage cravings, and those of your best friend. 

Hippy Market

46 Rue Saint-André des Arts, 75006
As the name indicates, the clothing selection at Hippy Market is more youthful, fun, and affordable than the above selections. Personally, I’ll return to this store for their vast selection of scarves and silk scrunchies, but you might fall in love with the summery white crop tops and distressed denim at every corner. 


61 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004
FREE’P’STAR is one of those stores that has been recommended time and time again, by every French blogger you probably already follow. I’ve really only visited this store once and while I may not have been fortunate enough to find a range of special items here, I did spot the most gorgeous vintage Armani blazer buried beneath a pile of less exciting items. So, you never know – try your luck when you visit!