Times of Malta

“Engaging Natalya to work on the social media of our Times of Malta magazines Pink and Places: Design & Living proved to be a great choice. She immediately grasped the job and ran with it, without needing anyone to hold her hand. Not only did she understand the brands and the way to project them, but she also had the technical knowledge and insight into how to make the most of social media. It was a pleasure and a relief to never have to amend a single word in a single post throughout her time with us; to be able to rely on her and relinquish the role. It was a pleasure to work with someone efficient, calm, clear, professional, artistic and available. Her exquisite sense of style imbued her work too and she naturally formed part of the team. There were many other talents we had yet to discover and make use of…”

Fiona Galea Debono, Editor

Cool Kid

“My aesthetic is minimal in comparison to Nat’s, however, she understands what I need and helps me execute my ideas easily. She is a brilliant creative with endless talents, especially as many wont be able to step out of their comfort zone and understand their client’s needs in the way she does. The best part about Nat’s work is that the moment you see it, you know it’s hers; the warm tones, the dreamy aesthetic, the exquisite words and flow in her writing, the touch of the brush in her illustrations and the passion that is seen in all the social media accounts she manages. She is a starlet worth keeping your eyes on!”

MarieClaire Portelli, Founder

Bungalow Creative

“Natalya’s photography has a soulful and vintage charm that’s hard to come by—I was so impressed by her unique style that absolutely exudes sophistication. She professionally planned and captured the exact look and feel that I was hoping for with our shoot and I’m thrilled with the results. Natalya is a true storyteller and creative soul and I feel lucky to have crossed paths with her!”

Julia Dennis, Founder


“I highly recommend Natalya as she’s a pleasure to work with. Her work is very professional and meticulous, and takes your products up to the next level. She is also very responsive and delivers in a timely manner. I truly enjoyed working with her and hope I get to do so again in the near future. She’s a rising talented creative!”

Kimberly Micallef, Founder

The Black Egg

“We have been working with Natalya for the last 6 months and I would highly recommend her. She is very professional and has exceptional work ethic. Natalya understands our brand and concept very well which is essential for her to be able to adapt our posts and shoots accordingly.”

Michelle Debono, Co-Founder

Mimie Reed

“Crossing paths with a creative soul like Natalya, who instantly grasped my vision and brand identity has been priceless. She has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that indeed makes her a true expert in carrying out a story through her images and writing. It is a pleasure to work with her and I cannot recommend her enough!”

Mimie Reed, Founder

Daphne’s Nails

“I cannot recommend Natalya enough. Her work is portrayed professionally & a keen eye for detail is what makes her stand out. She is a delight to work with and I intend to continue doing so in the near future.”

Daphne Mifsud, Founder


“Creative, original, attentive to detail, modern, very professional… working with Natalya is a pleasure and an added value to our business.”

Matthew Piccinino, Co-Founder


“Engaging Natalya to create social media copy and help design our website has truly proven to be a great choice! Not only is she highly professional and delivers on time, but she’s also an amazing creative! Natalya is a fantastic storyteller and has incredibly good taste, with an eye for detail that shows her passion. We’re forever grateful for the work she’s been carrying out and we cannot recommend her enough!”

Amanda Nyren, Founder


“I was really lucky to order product photography from Natalya. The level of quality and professionalism of work she delivered was absolutely amazing. Her unique retouching skills make the final product photos truly look beautiful, attractive and luxurious. I will definitely order again. Million thanks indeed Natalya for the remarkable work.”

Waddah, Founder