Social Media Management combines all services offered in order to best present your brand and grow your online presence. Brands are presented with a choice of two main packages, with additional custom packages aimed at publications and start-ups. The packages vary according to the brand’s needs; from the smallest requiring the least content creation to the most extensive, consisting of photography, light designs, fashion illustrations, as well as access to royalty-free imagery for filler content when required. 

In order to build a social identity, the initial stage consists of getting to know the brand and its founder. Some key questions are asked to gather information, and move on to analysing the brand’s colour palette and tone of voice. These must remain consistent throughout each platform, particularly on social media. The photography, copywriting and design palette must all work hand in hand in order to make a brand recognisable at first glance. 

Once enough data is collected, we can proceed to brainstorming unique creative concepts that best represent the brand. Visual inspiration and other creative forms are merged to help narrate the brand’s story. Typically, 2 or 3 different approaches are provided, which are then discussed with the client until the final choice is made.  

After the client has chosen their favourite approach, I begin planning the shoot and therefore sourcing locations, offering guidelines for model styling and props, organising content plans according to what is both visually cohesive and effective in terms of marketing, while working on written content – whether that simply includes captions shared to social platforms or also copywriting/content writing for websites. 

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