Timeless, elegant and minimal: Mimie Reed Swim and Resort is a 50s-inspired swimwear and resort brand selling a glorious abundance of swimsuits, kaftans, strawhats and eyewear in a neutral colour palette.

The brand’s founder sought a glamorous, Hollywood-inspired look to communicate her brand on a visual level, as well as genuine writing to share her love for sustainable fashion – seeing as the swimwear is mainly made from regenerated ocean waste, while a percentage of all sales is donated towards the rescuing and rehabilitation of marine turtles!

Mimie and myself worked on creating a sophisticated social image which blended in with the brand’s identity, utilising a White/Black/Blue colour palette, classic typefaces, honest writing across all social platforms, and compelling articles for the brand’s website. Watch this space for more!


Modelled by Mimie Reed, MarieClaire Portelli, Madeleine Baldacchino, Marie-Aimée, Michelle Gialanze, Maria Xuereb



I write a weekly blog post for the brand website, typically consisting of fashion-related content or the occasional travel article.


Crossing paths with a creative soul like Natalya, who instantly grasped my vision and brand identity has been priceless. She has that ‘je ne sais quoi’ that indeed makes her a true expert in carrying out a story through her images and writing. It is a pleasure to work with her and I cannot recommend her enough!

Mimie Reed, Founder of Mimie Reed Swim & Resort