Grain is a sophisticated restaurant merging three different concepts under one entity – Under Grain, Grain Street and Over Grain.

Under Grain, being the first and one of Malta’s only three Michelin-starred restaurants, offers fine dining in a moody, atmospheric space below street level. The elegant interiors, refined food options and classical background music all contribute to the classic ambience. At street level, Grain offers a more casual dining experience, with small plates to share. Meanwhile, Over Grain offers barbecued culinary options and a cocktail menu that may be enjoyed on Rosselli – AX Privilege’s gorgeous rooftop.

When the concept had first launched, I brainstormed ways to merge Under Grain and Grain Street on social media, still sticking to a cohesive posting plan while marketing their events and exquisite concept. Over Grain had not yet opened, and so we opted to focus on the other two concepts.