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Warmth of December

December 14, 2017

Back on the island for the time being! Ah, how is it that the Maltese skies are so clear and joyous in the month of December? Having returned from the minus-degree-weather back in Paris, nothing feels more wonderful than sipping on fine wine under the sun’s warmth, and appreciating all that is Mediterranean. And for this reason, I’ve actually enjoyed giving the constant layering of jackets a miss, and taken the opportunity to slip back into some lighter attire and fun pieces.

Last week, I decided to explore a conceptual pop-up store, Popup Le Pamplemousse, in the traditionally quaint streets of Vittoriosa – after having been invited by the gracious Zoë Hili, founder of Decièlis and Rossella E.Frigerio, co-founder of Sofia Capri.
In a matter of seconds, my addiction to winter clothing and neutral colours had almost been entirely transformed at the sight of vibrant silk scarves and leather sandals, each celebrating Italian artisanship – yet fusing with the Maltese surroundings at the adorable choice of location, boutique Locanda La Gelsomina.
I picked up a purple silk piece just as Zoë instructed me on how to elegantly wear it as a headpiece – I had long been an avid admirer of scarves, neckerchiefs and headbands, yet I had truly never experienced anything as soft and lightweight as this one. Then came the sandals – A pair so comfortable and visually appealing I found difficulty in changing back to my former pair of shoes.

I snapped some photos throughout as the experience was a delightful one, and I cannot wait to see more from both these creative women. Have a look at their instagram page to keep updated on the next pop-up dates!












Natalya Vukovic