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Vintage-Inspired Eclecticism

February 18, 2017

I hadn’t always been a lover of vintage stores – Which is quite funny really, considering my current infatuation with thrift-shopping and searching for classic, timeless pieces. Although Malta’s vintage clothing scene still leaves much to be desired, Valletta does offer a few little gems hidden in it’s narrow streets which make the search for vintage all that much more exciting.
This time round, in one of my routinely strolls around the city, I decided to stop at Blush & Panic – A vintage-inspired clothing store which had been recommended to me a couple of times by friends who know my habits of indulging in unique pieces all too well. Upon entering, I began to dig in the vast array of patterned pants, shirts in fringe and layered bell sleeves, tweed coats, velvet wrap jackets and all of what is a maximalist’s dream. Most times, I’m on the lookout for clothing which evokes an element of surprise and stands out among predictable ensembles picked up from the usual fast-fashion retailers, and all of the clothing in this adorable boutique did just that.

In between having a chat with the friendly shop-owner Samantha and trying on clothes, I snapped a few photos for all you other fashion enthusiasts who appreciate a good statement piece –












What I’m wearing –

Slip Dress – Blush & Panic
T-shirt & Shoes – Zara
Jeans – Mango

Blush & Panic Boutique,
47A, Melita Street, Valletta

Natalya Vukovic