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Up with Patriotism

June 2, 2018

Ritienne Zammit’s patriotism shines through once again. Her collection, _ATRONYMIC, just like her previous, consisted of a uniquely Maltese concept. 
This time round, Malta’s family names were the inspiration. I thought Ritienne’s work was well-thought out, and scrolling through her instagram gave me a better insight into her beautiful creative process – Although I do, at times, wonder if her creations could be just as appreciated outside of our tiny island.

Bold, surrealist prints represented typical Maltese surnames such as Vella, Azzopardi or Agius. For instance, as observed through her instagram page, the ‘Agius’ surname was illustrated by means of a mythical creature, as the surname’s coat of arms consists of a crowned griffin armed with a sword.

Ritienne’s unique prints have always undoubtedly been her area of expertise. Not only are they very original, but also super cool designs. Her collection also included bright red pieces combined with baby pink or grey shades. The collection was a busy one indeed!

My favourite part of Ritienne’s work – besides her originality – is always the presentation. Whether making use of religious motifs or models accompanied by Sphynx cats, her shows never fail to stand out among the rest. This time, I feel the hair and makeup really fit the show to a T. Chris Galea and his team perfected the hairstyles with unique, well-made braids and ‘kiss-me-quick’ curls on the model’s cheeks and foreheads. A thick line was also drawn down the centre of each model’s face, giving off a very edgy, artistic vibe.

Here are photos of my outfit and some of my favourites from the night:

And that’s the last of Malta Fashion Week! Follow my instagram to watch tonight’s Fashion Awards unfold on my stories, or check out Malta Fashion Week’s page for more!
My photos were taken by MarieClaire <3

Natalya Vukovic