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Think in Black

May 27, 2018

My packed schedule has prevented me from attending all shows this week – But the one show I could not allow myself to miss was Parascandalo. I’ve long admired his vision and unique aesthetic – perhaps this comes as no surprise to you readers, considering I rarely wear anything but black!

Marco’s love for fringe and tassels has always been clear, but his playful twist on things makes every collection differ from the previous. Denim, all-black ensembles and solid stripes – Each inclusion strongly represented the brand. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, wearing this designer’s clothing ensures you’ll be the coolest person in the room. Brb, just off to get my own Parascandalo fanny pack now!

Inspired by Parascandalo’s dark, grunge-like attire, I put together an edgier outfit than I normally would. From a see-through Bershka top I usually wear at the beach, to these chunky Zara heels I bought a couple years back from Paris, it all seemed to fit quite well. My favourite element to the outfit however, was the hat. Once my grandfather’s childhood hat, it brings nothing but good memories. He was one of my greatest sources of artistic inspiration, whose legacy lives on through his creations. This particular hat has his initials, AV, sewn into it – and had been created in Montenegro, most likely by one of my ancestors.

Check out Malta Fashion Week’s page to learn more about the events taking place throughout the week!

Natalya Vukovic