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Tasteful creations are hard to find these days. As consumers, we’re constantly inundated with an excess of fast fashion, cheap eateries and modern architecture lacking the refined elegance I so often seek for the backdrop of my images. At times, it feels as though convenience has won over quality; as though artistry is just becoming less and less appreciated. I cannot put into words just how many times I have sighed in disbelief at the sight of a new sleek and plain building replacing the old and sophisticated.

And then I come across creations like Rosselli – AX Privilege, the first 5-star luxury hotel in Valletta, and my hope is restored. This gem of a hotel forms part of AX Group’s works, and also consists of the gorgeous restaurant I had previously written about, Grain.

Prior to hearing about Rosselli, I had already formed a positive opinion about AX Group’s creations on the Maltese Islands, but this place just stood in a league of its own, dominating the hospitality sector with its glamorous interiors and distinctive service. Last week saw my friend MarieClaire and I attend the official opening party for this hotel, which consisted of everything we could hope for and more.

Merchant Street was just brimming with sophistication; from the bar set-up and unique cocktails on offer, to the orchestral performance that complemented the hotel’s classic aesthetic. Following a couple of pleasant drinks, networking with professionals in the creative industry, as well as a few intriguing speeches by the group’s most prominent staff and the Maltese prime minister, we were invited for a tour around the hotel.

I waltzed in eagerly, while calming down a rush of excitement that had culminated from the moment I laid my eyes on the interiors. The hotel was a great combination of styles – it found the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary. There was something minimalistic about it, definitely refined and not overdone – yet you could not ignore that touch of art deco, made particularly evident through its mustard velvet couches, unique lighting fixtures and distinctive mirrors. At the same time, floral elements formed a good part of the hotel’s overall décor.

The rooms varied in style too. It’s safe to say that there’s something for everyone – whether you’re after marble walls and a private spa tucked away in your own room, or a duplex room boasting a larger space, the most eye-catching tiling and a green couch to match. I could go on and on about just how lovely these rooms are, but you could find a more detailed description on the website itself

We concluded the tour with a visit to the rooftop, which was also exquisite and ideally set up for the comfort of each hotel guest. And just when you think all boxes have already been ticked, we turned around the last unexplored corner and voila – a splash pool!

I’ve always been quite a fan of boutique hotels, I won’t lie. There have been a few popping up across Malta over recent years, but certainly none like Rosselli. Even with its inclusion of stylish modernity and minimalism, this hotel managed to embrace what so many Maltese hotels before it had failed to – culture and heritage.

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