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The Ideal Bikini

June 1, 2017

It’s the start of June, which technically means summer in Malta – I’m usually the girl you’ll find getting excited over military coats, biker jackets and the constant choice to wear black, but this time round, I’m so enthusiastic about summer’s arrival. Perhaps it has more to do with the fact that I won’t be here for all of it this time, and I would like to soak every bit of the Maltese sun before I head to Paris. With that being said, the right swimwear is a necessity. You can’t really lounge by the pool or choose to attend the many beach parties on our island in swimwear which isn’t top quality! Which is why I wanted to share one of my latest finds with you, this gorgeous royal blue bikini I’ve fallen in love with.

The ‘Brazil Mesh Bikini Set’ from Bikini N’Waves instantly caught my attention – I’m a sucker for royal blue, I think it looks great on most people, I could automatically tell the bikini’s shape would be flattering, and well… the mesh detail! Finding bikinis which are different to the norm and yet ones which embody my particular style was always a daunting task – until I came across the vast selection on Bikini N’Waves. There is a bikini or swimsuit to fit anyone’s preferences, and they’re affordable (which should not be taken for granted in today’s market, where most good quality swimwear is upwards of a 100€)

This bikini looked just as great when I received it, and it fit perfectly too. They do warn you of the bikinis being made to a smaller size, but I was content with mine. Perhaps the elastic on the pants was pretty tight, but if you’re not into that then I’d suggest trying a different shape. It had this cute criss-cross detail at the back of the bikini top, which you could probably find better images of on the Bikini N’ Waves website. The mesh itself is an attractive detail, it is not something I’ve come across in different swimwear outlets – And it is what makes this particular set so unique. Given that this was the question I seemed to have received the most with the velvet bikini, I chose to have a swim in a chlorine pool to test the fabric out. It worked great, there were no defects or compromises made on the material’s part, and it was very comfortable to swim in.

Check out their swimwear here: and use my code NATALYADEAL for a 10% off!


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Natalya Vukovic