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My longing for a good pair of sunglasses has intensified in recent times. I find myself picking up a new pair each time I enter an accessory shop, yet finding the right one is no easy task – although this could be accredited to being a slightly picky chooser.

I had recently been contacted by a brand I had not yet heard of, but one I am so glad to have now explored. They sent over three pairs of sunnies in exchange for a couple of Instagram posts, but I fell in love with the brand so much that I decided to put up a blog post about it too.

The one element I look for in any pair of sunglasses is a unique and versatile look. I picked out a triangular pair and one in a gorgeous brown shade, as well as a classic cat eye pair.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own pair – or pretty much anything else on the site – use this code I’m sharing by clicking on this referral link for a $15 discount:

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