Malta’s very first Bruncheria, The Black Egg promises a refined, all day brunch experience. Everything about this restaurant resonated with me; from the passionate visionaries that founded it, the attention to detail shown in its branding and interiors, and mostly importantly, to the dishes that were both unique and mouth-watering.

The founders were looking for a Social Media Manager who could create + merge elegant photography with light designs. Taking the brand guidelines in mind, I created a visual image that would make the brand recognisable in an instant, paired up with a friendly, yet elegant tone of voice. Following the creation of a carefully thought-out content plan, I shared the approved content using marketing tactics that would aid the account’s growth.




The 3 primary colours used were:
Pink – In line with the branding and tableware
Black – In line with the branding and restaurant’s concept, which was built on the main dish, being a Black Egg
Green – In line with the interiors

In the initial three months, we saw the Instagram account grow by 1.5k+ followers