Malta’s very first Bruncheria, The Black Egg promises a refined, all day brunch experience. Everything about this restaurant resonated with me; from the passionate visionaries that founded it, the attention to detail shown in its branding and interiors, and most importantly, to the dishes that were both unique and mouth-watering.

The founders were looking for a Social Media Manager who could create + merge elegant photography with quirky quotes and minimal designs. Taking the brand guidelines in mind, I created a visual image that would make the restaurant recognisable instantly, paired up with a friendly yet elegant tone of voice. Following the creation of a carefully thought-out content plan, I shared the approved content using marketing tactics that would aid the account’s growth.




The 3 primary colours used were:
Pink – In line with the branding and tableware
Black – In line with the branding and restaurant’s concept, which was built on the main dish, being a Black Egg
Green – In line with the interiors

In the initial three months, we saw the Instagram account grow by 1.5k+ followers



“We have been working with Natalya for the last 6 months and I would highly recommend her. She is very professional and has exceptional work ethic. Natalya understands our brand and concept very well which is essential for her to be able to adapt our posts and shoots accordingly.”
Michelle Debono, co-founder of The Black Egg