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Stripes and Silver Accents

May 4, 2017

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve put up a post – and that has been mainly due to the studies and time-consuming events which I mentioned in a previous writing, that have been occupying my every living second. But worry not, I have some far more interesting posts to share with you throughout May. In between A Level studies, blog meetings and illustration-creating, I squeezed in some time to experiment with photo editing and some different styles I’d like to share on here. Let me know which kind of photos you find the most appealing, I value different opinions!

Today, I wanted to try on a whole blue & silver ensemble, with every item of clothing purchased from Zara. I have been very excited to wear this belt lately – I’m fond of anything which accentuates one’s silhouette – and wore it over one of my favourite striped baggy shirts to give it some shape. It did not photograph as well as I had hoped, buuuut I wanted the idea to be conveyed through a slightly different style than the current waist-cinchers. I also decided to turn a classic shirt into an off-the-shoulder piece, just for a more playful feel and a different look to the ordinary.




Natalya Vukovic