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Silent City

January 11, 2018

The excitement for 2018 has kicked in – I’ve been super enthusiastic to shoot some more outfits and get back to blogging on a more frequent basis. I headed out to Mdina earlier today, which has become one of my favourite areas to spend time in – partially due to the history and peaceful environment, but it’s also just a great reminder of the good times.

Mdina was, as one can imagine, the favoured school-outing spot in primary school. We’d sit down by the bastions overlooking one of Malta’s greatest views, engraving our names in limestone and sharing packed lunches with fellow classmates. This was the general ritual after having explored a museum or two, and was later followed by a visit to our school’s convent. Even now, walking around Mdina brings nothing but pleasant thoughts… Oftentimes accompanied by a slice of cake at Fontanella. I get to visit the city every month or so, thanks to my father hosting some of the greatest classical music concerts at the Cathedral Museum.

The nostalgic thoughts have really made me reflect on how abruptly the past year has gone by – Still feels like yesterday that I had set out my 2017 resolutions! I’ve decided to skip the resolution-planning this time round, and try live a little more spontaneously. Although you could say, that is a sort of resolution in itself.
2017 has been kind of a crazy year for me, with all my plans and expectations having changed entirely – Career-wise, and relationship-wise too. I will probably expand on this in a future post – But for the time being, I am grateful to be back home creating and cannot wait to see where this year is headed. From just the first ten days, I can tell it’s going to be an eventful one.
My highlights of 2017 include meeting so many amazing new people, the Two Door Cinema Club + Coldplay concerts, winning a scholarship for my illustration portfolio, studying in Paris, working for Paris Fashion Week, and all the fantastic summer events… Amidst all the challenges the year brought along. Here’s to a new one!








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