Posted by on April 21, 2019

This past winter has been a more stagnant one than usual, resulting in an incessant crave for summer months. Summer in Malta is a season I loathe and adore on equal levels; I look forward to nothing more than sunbathing with a bottle of wine by my side, enjoying the turquoise waters and the relaxing sound of waves crashing or the fantastic weekly events – yet the abhorrent heatwave August greets us islanders with, insect infestations and the flock of tourists taking up every free corner of the Maltese roads can easily destroy any ounce of excitement. 

Spring is normally a time when the Maltese can enjoy the best of both worlds. The climate is tolerable, tourists have not yet taken over and yet the islands would still be blessed with sunny skies… normally. This Spring has been less than ideal, with winter’s gloom having extended onto the following months too. I could very well be wrong, but springtime in Malta is usually far more cheerful than this. Alina and I hoped to enjoy some springtime bliss and head out to Golden Bay before it gets too crowded to visit, and we ended up battling the powerful wind and bouts of rain instead. Still, we managed to snap a few good photos (despite nearly freezing to death):

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