Pink Magazine, being Malta’s top women’s magazine and one that is distributed with the Times of Malta, contains in-depth articles on all touching subjects, plenty of fashion-related content and an insight into the most renowned fashion shows happening on the islands.

When Pink’s editor, Fiona, first approached me, she was looking to grow Pink’s digital platforms. As a result, I created a visual content plan using photographs from the printed magazine itself, paired with excerpts of articles leading up to its monthly launch date. I shared behind the scenes footage of fashion shows I was fortunate enough to attend, and summarised PRs that were sent directly to Pink from high fashion brands such as CHANEL and Max Mara.

While creating content plans for publications is vastly different from doing so for brands, it still requires a cohesive look – as a result, I identified the main colour palette for each publication and created a monthly theme that would blend out onto the next.