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Melbourne to Malta

May 30, 2018

Day 5 of Malta Fashion Week!
JASONGRECH’s collection left me in awe. This was probably the first time I felt the urge to jump out of my seat and crazily snap as many photos as one possibly could. Not only were all of this Melbourne-based brand’s dresses elegant and clearly stunning creations, but it felt refreshing to see such well-made clothing, skilfully curated and hugging each model’s body. I’d wear every single one of those dresses – which is my ultimate compliment, as finding a pickier person than myself would prove to be a daunting task.

You can easily tell when the models enjoy wearing the clothes – they each looked confident and content, and who can blame them? If I could describe the show in three words, I’d say it was feminine, refined and graceful.

The show opened with a Maltese band performing, which I quite enjoyed. I can’t say it felt too fitting, but the idea was a sweet and original one. It also caught the audience’s attention, which is all you could ask for.

Here are some photos of my outfit and of tonight’s collection!

Natalya Vukovic