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Fashion in Malta

November 15, 2017

I have had a special affinity for blazers for as long as I can remember, with it having intensified last year in Novi Sad – when Mango’s abundance of tailored-goodness overwhelmed me and my credit card. Paris has seemingly had the same effect on me however, having tried to contain the desire to wear blazers everywhere, and everytime I left the house. I wouldn’t particularly oppose the idea if it weren’t for the 2-degree-weather we’ve been blessed with – And so, for that reason, I’ve snatched the opportunity to wear a less wintery ensemble on my visit back to the island.

On that note, I’ve been reading into the fashion debate back home and wondering, is a model’s proportion in the Maltese fashion industry really a topic of conversation? If we’re at comparing the height of Maltese models to that of foreign ones at shows abroad, we may as well come to terms with reality – A very small number of those models would be able to walk on a foreign runway. A controversial thought perhaps, and by no means do I wish to put down aspiring models, but fitting in the required height AND weight measurements has quite clearly never been a priority in Maltese shows. And that’s fine – I’m all for diversity. But perhaps this ought to be thought about before comments are aired on public television? From somebody who has slight experience with working with international models at Paris Fashion Week, my opinion is that Maltese standards are still incomparable. Spare the pretentious fashion industry know-it-all talk in Malta. It’s also disappointing to note how the Maltese have time and time again mocked the few great content creators on the island, when we are surrounded by tasteless individuals who couldn’t move past a retrica filter to save their lives. Just a thought!

But putting all that aside, here’s my velvet-pant and blazer combination. Hope you enjoy the images <3







Natalya Vukovic