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Exploring Valletta

February 23, 2017

Strolls around Valletta never get tiring, for it is the one city I rely on for that feeling of nostalgia. The capital city has long been my favourite place to walk around in Malta, with it’s architecture, artistic touristy sights, history, and all of the lovely foreigners I’ve met – who have walked around taking in and photographing the city in the same way I have. And perhaps, at first sight, with my camera in hand, one would assume I just might be one of those tourists too… but in reality, I’ve just found that there is always a new sight to see and a new hidden corner to discover. Also, not to mention, the best seafood restaurants in Malta are located in Valletta!!! (Nothing beats a good pasta marinara, in my eyes)
So here are some photos I took when strolling around Valletta the other day. I hope you like them!










What I’m wearing:

Top, coat, bag & neckerchief – Zara
Shoes & Jeans – Mango

Natalya Vukovic