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Dripping in Gold

October 23, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows that my go-to accessories are always a pair of chunky gold earrings. I’ve spoken of my love for these in the past (i.e. in my last post), and will continue to do so – they are just brilliant! If not a gold chunky pair, then I’ll be embracing a pair of pearl earrings. Quite the difference, isn’t it?

Still, I’ve worn this pair specifically all summer long and they’ve not gotten old. Perhaps the lack of Zara in Malta is to blame though.

Speaking of which – It’s month 3 of no Zara visits (thanks to a store reconstruction) and it really is starting to directly influence my life (hint of sarcasm, but maybe not) especially seeing as even though this was once the set month for the store to be finished… it’s still not much more than a pile of dust. But then again, this is Malta, aye.

Back on the topic of gold jewellery – any recommendations for reasonably priced, unique gold jewellery designs somewhere? I am in urgent need of experimenting with new stores!

Natalya Vukovic