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Dating Stories

May 12, 2020

The love who left to foreign land for a well-paying job, proving that if timing isn’t right, nothing is 

The curly-haired Frenchman who never failed to kiss the back of my hand, gifting me an appreciation for passionate encounters

The quarantined lover who painted my portrait over FaceTime, inviting creativity into my life when it felt uninspiring  

The boyfriend who was threatened by a woman’s career success, telling a profound story about feminism as he went along

The man who wrote me romantic poetry until he confessed to having a girlfriend, teaching me a thing or two about my own principles

The tortured artist whose eyes could never not wander but blamed every instinct on emotional baggage, leading me to prioritise accountability

The thirty-year-old boyfriend who lived for his mother’s approval, teaching me life lessons I’d never have otherwise learnt

The Parisian who drove me around the city’s most romantic spots on the back of his motorbike, making me believe in romance again 

The lover who soothed my soul post-breakup and disappeared without notice, allowing me to appreciate moments simply for what they are 

The one terrible date who mocked passersby for fun, reminding me that spontaneous tinder dates are actually not worth the effort

The unemployed adult male who lived to brag about his parents’ accomplishments, helping me realise all that I never want to be

and I hope, too, that your every encounter will prove to be as worthwhile in the lessons it bestows upon you, in the experiences it gifts you, in the stories you will tell. Nothing is worth regretting.

Natalya Vukovic