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Have you ever felt your creative motivation falter, ever so slightly? This has been one of those weeks. So many ideas, visions and potential work but not enough time to execute them. I have indeed heard the routinely saying: “If you were truly passionate about it, you’d find time for it.” – Yet I do not necessarily find this to be true. Even if you fight it for long enough, limitations exist – perhaps not mental limitations, but physical ones. In an effort to excel at my day job, my freelance work, my own creations, and my personal relationships, I have almost forgotten to dedicate a good set of hours to sleep or take a break to enjoy a good meal and just slow things down a tad. Perhaps this is all because of the person I truly am; a perfectionist and extremist by nature – who believes in achieving an extremely satisfactory level in each task I take on, or not taking on that task at all – and an absent-minded person, forever getting lost in my own personal sphere and forgetting to put my creative work down once I have started it.

As a result, my immune system has taken a backseat and I’ve had to call the bed my home for the past few days. I really ought to learn to cope with time and allow myself more breathing room. The most ironic part of all, is that I write this at four in the morning – choosing to type away at my keyboard rather than sleep, but I have come to accept that I am near incapable of putting my work aside entirely. But yes, there are limitations to how much we may achieve in a desired timeframe – as how can one create if their energy is almost entirely exhausted by things of lesser meaning? I suppose it is all a matter of prioritising some things over others… A point I’ll be keeping in mind for next time.

None the less, I am so enthusiastic about December’s arrival. This month is set to be a busy one – from working on a couple of magazine articles I am especially excited for and the launch of a new project scheduled for late December, to a couple of fantastic parties and a trip to Vienna. As the year comes to a close, I can finally exhale and conclude that hard work does indeed pay off.

For this week’s blog post, I wanted to share my excitement for Mango’s snakeskin boots, which have seemingly caught every fashion enthusiast’s attention. I had already exceeded my shopping budget in Paris prior to seeing these boots, but I figured, what harm can a couple more pair of shoes do? Especially when they are this gorgeous.

Shoes – Mango, Dress – Boohoo, Sweater – Mango, Sunglasses – Mango, Earrings – Aldo, Bag – Mango

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