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Craving Springtime

March 9, 2018

Hi everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus over February, mainly for figuring out what kind of content I wanted to deliver –

I feel as over the past three months, I’ve been trying to find my ground again, creatively. So much has changed – my focus and career path have completely differed, having gone from planning a traditional path to success (earning a degree from a top school and graduating with an insufferable debt) to more or less, defying all those made-up rules, going with the flow and seeing where my inspiration takes me. (I’ll probably elaborate on this and write a bit of a lengthy personal post soon.)
Lately, I have been dedicating a lot more time to writing and building a few great things for the upcoming year – Which I ultimately cannot wait to share. My style and aesthetic have also been through some changes – I’m enjoying minimalistic style a lot more, hence my black-and-white choice of attire in this post!

Pretty much everything I am wearing here is from Zara, except for the bandeau (I seem to have a whole stack of these in every colour and I cannot remember where they’re from for the life of me.) I have been wearing a lot of light, spring attire ever since January and attempting to defy the season’s attributes – I moved to Paris in August and it had already been raining on the daily there so the excitement for Spring kicked in early this year. And so, I’ve been making some early purchases – Parasols are my new obsession. I picked this one up from the Marsaxlokk market and I cannot wait to make good use of it in summer.








Natalya Vukovic