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Merry Christmas, my loves!

I’ve been reflecting over this year, as one does – and waving goodbye to 2020 also means concluding my first year in business. When March’s lockdown was implemented, I watched the clients I had just spent months working on obtaining disappear in a matter of days. I remember how traumatic that felt; I’d only just settled as a business owner, and yet there we were. The realisation that I’d be struggling financially from then on followed, as a lockdown meant no photography and my other services were also tainted, given that I work directly with restaurants and small luxury brands. My self-employed friends shared the same struggle; we comforted one another and pushed each other through those initial months in the best way we knew how. 2020 was most certainly not the year one would aim to kick off a business, but despite the uncertainty that surrounded most of this year’s projects, I feel fortunate to have been able to work with so many incredible founders and creative souls who believed in my vision. 

One of those collaborations was with The Xara Palace, the most divine château in the heart of our old capital, Mdina. I’ve long admired this place – I remember first coming across it in a shoot for Places magazine, and thinking it may have been the most glamorous location I’d ever set my eyes on in Malta. Having the ability to collaborate and shoot some photos for my business there was a great privilege. The idea was to end this tumultuous year by sending out some gifts to the loyal clients who had supported me all throughout, and creating an elegant and festive set-up to display a few of the gifts as well as the illustrations I created and postcards I designed. 

The Xara Palace served as the ultimate location for vintage, glamorous photo backdrops consisting of luxurious products from The White Sheep, Camilleri Paris Mode, The Master Cellar, and more…

Makeup by Jack Muscat

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