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Paris has always gifted me the opportunity to meet interesting people from all walks of life. Raphael, an actor living in between Paris and London, and I met to share


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Pragya and I met at fashion school, three years ago, and I was instantly blown away by her creative eye. Now a qualified fashion designer and photographer, Pragya continues to


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When I first brainstormed a photoshoot for Alina, the words ‘power’, ‘grace’, and ‘femininity’ came to mind. It is true, after all – Alina embodies these very characteristics. I put

Portrait photo with plants and greenery


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I’ve always gravitated towards creative and hard working individuals; people who follow their dreams relentlessly. Jack is one of those. He is a makeup artist (a great one at that,

man in suit poses in Valletta, Malta's capital city


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Johan has long been a great source of inspiration for me. His poetry, his style, his thoughts and his photography have all spoken to me on a profound level. In