Photography is a key component of your brand’s social media, without which all else will be futile. Research carried out by ViSenze showed that more than 75% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on a brand’s photography – and unsurprisingly so!
I offer two services in relation to photography –


People fuel my creative pursuits, and working on fashion shoots is one of my all-time favourite things to do. My background in fashion allows me to take a unique approach to photographing clothing, making use of a certain eye for detail as well as knowledge of fabric and the best ways in which to present it. When photographing people, I prefer to take a more ‘candid’ approach, with lifestyle and out-and-about shots as the main focus. This more realistic style of photography tends to engage an audience on digital platforms. You can find additional examples of this photography style here.

Fashion and portrait photography are priced according to the set number of photos.


Product and Food Photography typically entails the creation of flatlays and set designs, and therefore consists of more intricate work. This style of photography truly captures your brand’s identity. I adore photographing products in an unconventional way that tells a captivating story; whether that is by showing them in use, or as part of a still life set-up.

Product and food photography are priced per photo.

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