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Beauty Talk

August 14, 2018

Hey lovelies! The other day, my dearest friend and talented makeup artist Jack made me feel pretty. This was the first time him and I have collaborated on some end, with him managing the beauty aspect and I curating the content. It worked out splendidly, to say the least. We got some pretty good shots in half an hour, and don’t be fooled, that’s all good lighting and no retouching! His work is absolutely fantastic. I’m always really wary of makeup artists – Actually, aside from costume makeup or the times photographers automatically book in makeup artists, I never ever get my makeup done. Every experience has been a let-down. I find that too many makeup artists will apply what they find to be more appealing without putting their client’s requirements into perspective – and more importantly, what suits their client. Who else has repeatedly specified for a thin black line drawn on their eyelids and ended up with a Taylor Momsen-inspired look? Yep, all too relatable.

This time, I let go of my concerns and trust jack to work his magic – and that he did. I had a very specific idea in mind, being a dark, smoky eye that would contrast the typical expectation of a poolside photoshoot. He captured my idea perfectly, and this is the content we came up with:

(See more of Jack’s work here)

Natalya Vukovic