Posted by on September 6, 2019

September, one of my favourite months of the year, is among us. This month has always been a transitional one for me, laden with hopes and resolutions for the remaining months of the year. I’ll pull out my autumn wardrobe now, despite colder days still seeming out of reach. The imagery I share on the ‘gram will darken, the days will feel calmer – less burdened with an excess of social plans – even though my workload will likely heighten. I’ll probably still be opting for a few too many iced lattes, but my favourite hot chocolate will make a reappearance. Bottles of Italian wine in white will be replaced with a strong Chilean red, my hat and glove collection will grow and more of my summer attire will end up on depop. This routine for September is one I anticipate every year, and if I still lived in Paris, the crisp autumn leaves and warm crepe cravings would form part of the mix.

September encapsulates growth, serenity, goals and all my favourite shades on the colour palette – and so I’m back on the blog in head to toe black, combined with the most subtle elements of sparkling silver and this gorgeous boa my grandmother gifted me. When cloudier days emerge, I always feel compelled to throw on my most elegant of attire. This doesn’t mean that anyone else would reason similarly, however – walking around Valletta in silk and fur in the late afternoon attracted an alarming number of perplexed stares and subtle giggles, but what can you do? I’ll put up with anything for the fresh dose of inspiration that accompanies cooler days and sartorial change.

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