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A Study in Black

July 9, 2018

Black swimwear and gold jewellery – What’s new? It has almost been a month since I last posted, which is mainly due to work constraints and a VERY eventful start to summer. Things have been great, but a tad tiring nonetheless. I’ve been preparing some content which I am now excited to share though! As expected, everything I am wearing here is Zara – thanks to one of the largest sales I’ve ever witnessed. From what I’ve gathered, Zara will be closing for refurbishment and an upgrade to the store at the Alhambra centre, hence the great decrease in prices. Fingers crossed that it won’t take too long though, or I’m not sure I’ll survive on the island for much longer.
I’ll keep the words to a minimum, hope you enjoy the beach photo spam!

Natalya Vukovic