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A Bandeau and Velvet Jacket Combination

May 12, 2016

Style, to me, is what keeps things interesting. The need to dress up and feel good in clothing is what personally urges me to get out the door and explore the outdoors for a while. 6:00pm on a Sunday, the close of day nearing and the optimal time to catch some sun before darkness. Having spent the former hours of the day preparing for my upcoming art exam, I was delighted to get some time out and quickly (but strategically) throw some clothes on. The combination of my favourite Mango ripped jeans, Zara’s elegant take on a strappy shoe, a simple white bandeau and Zara velvet blazer seemed to be the first outfit I could pick in a span of sixty seconds. The very simple and inexpensive bandeau paired up with the more-elegant velvet blazer balanced my look perfectly. Needless to say, two of my favourite multi-functional pieces combined have now created an obsession!
These photos were taken right by Mistra Bay, having chosen an idyllic venue for photos just before a short leisurely walk appreciating my favourite time of day.

Mistra Bay 4-min



Mistra Bay 3-min


Mistra Bay 2-min