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25 Facts About Me

January 24, 2018

Here are some random facts about myself – I’ve always wanted to mix up the content a little bit and share something more fun and personalised. So here goes!


1. My last name Vuković literally means son of the wolf – which is why the wolf is my totem animal. Natalya means Christmas, although I was not born in Christmas, as opposed to popular belief. Which brings me onto the next fact…


2. My birthday is the 16th of July 1999. I’m a cancerian, and turning 19 this year.


3. I love the sea. Nothing inspires me more than sitting by the sea and drawing or writing.


4. I adore white baby roses.


5. I grew up listening to my father compose music 24/7 and watching my grandfather paint… Pretty much everyone on the paternal side of my family is a musician and painter. It has definitely inspired a lot of what I do.


6. I write and create (mainly fashion) illustrations. I’ve always had a strong love for Fashion Design, which is something I won a scholarship for and then headed to Paris to study. I was not a fan of the things I saw in the French Fashion Industry though, so I’ve taken a step back from that for the time being.


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7. I didn’t fit in easily in Malta growing up. I love my island dearly, but could never stand the traditional mentalities and limited options for artists. Forging your own path or having different beliefs to the majority are not really supported here.


8. I make use of sarcasm a lot, not always easily understood.


9. I have a phobia of fire. Not really sure where that’s derived from, but I feel like the more you are afraid of something, the more it tends to become a common occurrence. I’ve been in a few situations where fires have started around me – It’s held me back from doing certain menial things.


10. I am obsessed with comedy shows.


11. Coldplay is my favourite band. Every song of theirs brings back memories and a rush of emotions. I love many different music genres and artists though.


12. I am a night owl. I stay up till around 4am on most nights, meaning I don’t get to sleep much. That is when I get most of my writing done or when I enjoy drawing the most.


13. I grew up playing the piano. I won an award or two for it, but I hated performing and then stopped playing haha… Perhaps it’s time to start again soon as I adore classical music and attending piano concerts on a frequent basis.


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14. Seafood, steak and spinach pie are my three favourite foods.


15. I love detective and crime series the most. Especially old-school ones which my father and I bond over… 1980s Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Jeremy Brett, Kojak etc.


16. I love dancing. I danced classical Russian ballet for about 6 years – Ended up permanently injuring my leg but I am still in love with it! Still stretch and do some dance on the daily for that reason.


17. I’m awful with numbers! Maths and accounting were my worst subjects in school.


18. I grew up in an extremely disciplined household and have two younger half brothers and one younger half sister. I guess that’s two facts in one, but anyway, childhood!


19. I rarely leave the house without red lipstick.


20. I learnt to speak Italian by watching loads of Italian tv. I then studied French at school, but didn’t really put it to use till I lived in Paris.


21. I’m shortsighted and don’t like wearing lenses or glasses unless I am obliged to… which probably doesn’t sound very smart. So if you ever smile or wave at me and I don’t react back, it’s really just because I can’t see much and don’t want to wave to the wrong person hahaha


22. I am naturally a very shy/quiet person, but it is something I had to work on.


23. The one gift I don’t enjoy receiving is perfume. I’m a migraine sufferer and strong scents will instantly trigger one, so I’m pretty picky on which perfumes I wear.


24. I cannot drink cold drinks from thick-rimmed glasses. How do people drink water from mugs???


25. Photography & videography are two great interests of mine.


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Natalya Vukovic