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A Night to Remember

June 14, 2018

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Campari at Haywharf, Floriana.

Stunning views, lounge music and free-flowing snacks all contributed to the enjoyable night – but most delightful of all were the drinks offered throughout the evening. We each feasted on one or two (a hundred) Campari Tonics – and I perhaps, guiltily, enjoyed this sweet and bitter drink a tad too much. I was then served a second favourite – Negroni! For those of you who aren’t as great fanatics as I am, the drink consists of a combination of gin, vermouth and campari. A red, bitter and strong-tasting drink ensues. A friend had once introduced me to this one, and it’s been one of my go-to options since.

Haywharf had been set up to stimulate one’s senses – bubbly sounds played as you walked up the stairs to the venue, a screen with golden bubbles had been placed by the DJ booth, and a subtle bittersweet scent filled the inside air.
Additionally, polaroid cameras were set up in the uniquely-lit bathroom for all the guests to make use of. It really was a one of a kind experience.

Alisa drew the following fashion sketch of my outfit!

Natalya Vukovic