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Velvet Swimwear

May 15, 2017

Now that Summer is nearing, I’ve been excited to try out some cute swimwear to share with you readers. I’m slightly obsessed with new bikini trends – Bikinis in untraditional materials such as Suede or Velvet, Lacy one-pieces or skimpy mesh sets – but with that being said, finding the right bikini which not only stands out and looks beautiful, but one which fits right and is of good quality is far from easy. Therefore, one can imagine my satisfaction in finding the ideal online swimwear store…

Bikini N’ Waves sells some of the most beautiful swimwear I’ve ever tried. The first bikini they were kind enough to send me was this lovely velvet green set I just had to share photos of and recommend to you all. Considering fashion is the career I’ve devoted myself to, I’m pretty critical of clothing and do not choose to advertise just any – So I was thrilled to see this bikini looked just as it was advertised on their website. I adore this shade of green in particular, however it is available in other colours too. I found the bikini to be very comfortable, but the best part of all – Velvet! Who doesn’t adore velvet swimwear.

Here’s a direct link if you’d like to check out more of their swimwear:
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Natalya Vukovic

  • Sarah Seifried

    That is a nice suit, but how does it care for swimming? I would think swimming pool chem might be hard on fabric

    • Swimming pool chemicals are hard on any, which is why a quick rinse afterwards is essential – but I’ve had no problems with this particular swimsuit 🙂 x

  • I love the color and cut of this swimsuit! I saw a velvet bikini not too long ago but was too scared to even try it on. I might have to go back after seeing how good it looks on you!

    • Haha thank you! They are most definitely worth the purchase.

  • Julie Scott Thorne

    I haven’t tried any unconventional fabrics for bathing suits…you look gorgeous!

  • I’ve never thought of those fabrics for swim suits! I wonder how they feel once you hit the water? Are they as light weight as traditional fabrics?

    • Yes! I was worried about that too, but it feels super comfortable!

  • Elena Stevkovska

    I never thought that there will be velvet swimwear, but I guess they have to come up with new ideas with every season.

    • That’s the fun in it! Always eager to try a new trend 🙂

  • Nicole Kleiss

    Who has ever heard of a velvet swimsuit! How fun! How did it feel when wet? Did it take a long time to dry?

  • Brooke Burton

    Love love love velvet. Idk if I’d try it in swimwear but it looks gorgeous.

  • I actually LOVE the look of the velvet bikini! It’s super sexy! I don’t own one but this has definitely put it on my radar for the upcoming season!