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Saturday, 15th December, 2018

A Night to Remember

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Campari at Haywharf, Floriana. Stunning views, lounge music and free-flowing snacks all contributed to the enjoyable night – but most delightful of all were […]…
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Till next time, MFW!

Hey guys! So… Fashion Week is over! I may still be in recovery mode. Balancing the nine-to-five and freelance work has started to get a little hectic, but nonetheless, I enjoy it and couldn’t be […]…
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Fashion Awards

Last night’s fashion awards were probably the best in Malta Fashion Awards’ history. I adored the new location, being the Triton fountain in Valletta, and everything moved along smoothly – except, perhaps, seating – and […]…
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Up with Patriotism

Ritienne Zammit’s patriotism shines through once again. Her collection, _ATRONYMIC, just like her previous, consisted of a uniquely Maltese concept. 
This time round, Malta’s family names were the inspiration. I thought Ritienne’s work was well-thought […]…
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Melbourne to Malta

Day 5 of Malta Fashion Week! JASONGRECH’s collection left me in awe. This was probably the first time I felt the urge to jump out of my seat and crazily snap as many photos as […]…
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Think in Black

My packed schedule has prevented me from attending all shows this week – But the one show I could not allow myself to miss was Parascandalo. I’ve long admired his vision and unique aesthetic – […]…
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Dream Collections

The first day of MFW has come to an end! Can’t believe it has already been a year since the last. Despite the country’s size and overall disappointing grasp of fashion, all of the island’s […]…
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I find myself yearning for times gone by, times I have taken for granted – So much so that guilt devours every ounce of me. I am left to wonder what could be or what […]…
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A Visit to Comino

It feels so good to be approaching the new season, and I am adamant on sharing content which will induce strong beach cravings -
Also, this has been my first time visiting comino! Slightly shameful for […]…
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A Welcome to Spring

Am I ever not picnicking these days? As soon as the month of April approaches, I begin organising any outdoor activity which could still be enjoyed with a glass of wine and seating arrangements – […]…
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