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Monday, 22nd October, 2018

Dream Collections

The first day of MFW has come to an end! Can’t believe it has already been a year since the last. Despite the country’s size and overall disappointing grasp of fashion, all of the island’s […]…
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I find myself yearning for times gone by, times I have taken for granted – So much so that guilt devours every ounce of me. I am left to wonder what could be or what […]…
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A Visit to Comino

It feels so good to be approaching the new season, and I am adamant on sharing content which will induce strong beach cravings -
Also, this has been my first time visiting comino! Slightly shameful for […]…
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A Welcome to Spring

Am I ever not picnicking these days? As soon as the month of April approaches, I begin organising any outdoor activity which could still be enjoyed with a glass of wine and seating arrangements – […]…
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Life in Paris

Hey everyone! Since I said I’d elaborate further in my last blog post, I’ve decided it was time to share a well-awaited writing – on a somewhat more personal level than the usual. Most of […]…
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Craving Springtime

Hi everyone! I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus over February, mainly for figuring out what kind of content I wanted to deliver – I feel as over the past three months, I’ve […]…
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City Break

This past weekend, a few friends and myself were fortunate enough to have stayed over at The U Collection – Luxury boutique suites situated in the heart of our capital, Valletta. We were celebrating Marie […]…
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Champagne Breakfast

Hey loves! So I’m currently obsessing over this new blazer like crazy – The sleeves are so interesting. I blagged a few pieces from the Zara sale over the past couple weeks… I am not […]…
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25 Facts About Me

Here are some random facts about myself – I’ve always wanted to mix up the content a little bit and share something more fun and personalised. So here goes!   1. My last name Vuković […]…
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Brunch in Paris

Hiya! It’s been a while since I shared my food spot recommendations, and I wanted to share my all-time favourite brunch spots in Paris with you. It’s hard to go wrong with Paris – Almost […]…
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